Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim

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To hold you over, here’s a shot of the Mogollon Rim from Houston Mesa north of Payson.  It’s one of my favorite places to hike in the summer, especially when cumulus clouds are building up along the rim soon to begin their journey south towards the central deserts.

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desert storm with rain shaft

The dog days of summer

I took this photograph of a solitary storm cell on July 27th. I was south of Maricopa and the rain shaft was directly over I-8 west of Casa Grande. Since then, the summer monsoon has been mostly on hiatus in central Arizona – for me, the figurative dog days of summer. And literally as well – in ancient Rome the “dog days” (diēs caniculārēs) ran from July 24th through August 24th.

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Arizona Monsoon 2013

This summer I’ll be posting most of my new Arizona monsoon pictures on Twitter.

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La Jolla beach sunset

La Jolla beach

June in the Arizona desert is characterized by seemingly never-ending blue skies and extreme heat.  In fact, today is the anniversary of the highest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix – 122°F in 1990.

In contrast, aptly named La Jolla (“the jewel”) has June temperatures in the mid-60s and mid-70s and thick morning fog (the luxurious, to sun-baked refugees like me, June gloom).  What better place to escape the heat?

My favorite La Jolla beach is near Cuvier Park.

Cuvier Park in La Jolla

Check out my photographs of other California beaches:  The Strand, Oceanside and Oxnard.


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